June 15 was the 13th Annual Kittery Block Party and the R. W. Traip Academy was there! Once again the Rotary Club of Kittery hosted the Interact Club for the all day community party in the center of town. The Interact Club's children's activity is very much a hit with the children as reflected by donations made by grateful parents to support Interact club service projects.
Beautiful weather brought out a large crowd to the Kittery Foreside for the 13th Kittery Block Party. The Traip Academy Interact Club set up their 'Build your own lego race car and race it activity' in the Rotary Club of Kittery tent. Trays of Lego pieces, a racing ramp with gate and the children loved it. Little explanation was required for the kids of all ages to build whatever they wanted and then run it down the ramps.
The parents frequently got involved as well, including at least one dad seen sitting under the table helping his child find just the right wheels for their creation. No prizes, just cheers and laughter. One parent arrived at the booth saying their child had been loudly hoping that "The lego racing booth would be there again this year" from the time they parked the car. The Interact has a fan club! Much of the attitude of the children came from the engaging attitude of the Interact club members encouraging the creativity of the children. The reaction of the parents was reflected in the donations made during the course of the day.
The Rotary Club arranged for the space and was responsible for set up and take down of the tent for the event and we are proud to be able to support and showcase the Interact Club and their involvement in the community, the Interact Club has a their own service projects, but they have also help the Club with many or our projects.