The New Kittery Town Planner, Jason Garnham, was our Guest Speaker this morning for a short talk on what was being planned in Kittery.
Town Planner Jason Garnham joined us today to provided some insight on current town planning direction.  Jason is no stranger to the area, having grown up in western New Hampshire, attended UNH where he met his wife, and lived briefly in Kittery  before they moved west, then returning to work as a planner in Saco, and now living in Kittery.
Jason said that the two key areas for town planning at this time are availability of affordable housing and climate adaptation strategies. The town is currently looking at having more small scale and mixed use development and low impact development considering potential future climate impact. He discussed the ongoing projects of converting some of the mall properties into mixed use housing and traffic flow studies, particularly along Route 1. 
Jason was asked about the current Joint Land Use Studies with the military which have among other initiatives, developed park and drive areas and shuttle bus routes to reduce in-town traffic and parking issues,
We had Jason sign a book to be presented in his name to the school libraries.