January's Social at the Board! We embrace new ideas, Celebrate the newest gathering place in town , all with Old friends and New!
Jeanne and Mike arriving
Our traditional "5th Tuesday Social" was held this month on Wednesday because there is a new gathering place in Kittery (open Wednesday through Sunday ~ but not Tuesday) .
"Board" is a Charcuterie Restaurant and Wine Bar, just opened in December, airy, comfortable, and a great place for getting together with friends. We took this opportunity to not only invite family, and friends, but also past Club members and new friends.
Club President Pam and PDG Andy greeted us
 Pam asked Chloe and Glynn out for all to meet the owners
" Board" is the work of Chloe Scala and her fiance Patrick Glynn, they have done most of the work themselves this last fall, opening at the beginning of December. Shortly after that Chloe was invited to come introduce their new business in a 'briefly Business" at one of our Rotary meetings, and January with its planned social was the perfect opportunity to experience the fruits of their labors. (Actually several members did not wait and have already 'explored" the menu).
It was a great time to roll out a new idea for involving people who might want to support and share in what the Club does, but not a member level at this time. Jeanne, Pam, and Andy presented the "Friends of Rotary" to the gathering and Jeanne's husband Mike has already "signed on". Hopefully the program will help communicate more of what the Club and Rotary overall, are doing and build broader support in the community.
It was also the start of the collection of soups for the "Souper Bowl". The Souper Bowl is actually an Inter-Lions Club Challenge where they compete for the most soups collected and then donate to their local food banks, in this case Footprints. A couple of years ago when we heard about this the club decided to support our local Lions and challenged them as to which Club could collect the most. The Afterhours Club joined in, and it has been a fun competition between the three Clubs since, all to the benefit of the beneficiaries of Footprints. Many of our guests brought some soup to the social to start our collection We will be collecting at our regular Tuesday meeting next week or they can be dropped off at Pam & Andy's
Thanks Desiree, for this shot at the end of the evening!
Our social's frequently go longer then planned and this gathering was no exception, great food, great wine (and beer) and a comfortable place to gather kept the crowd lingering for over an hour longer then scheduled