Tuesday, May 28, we were honored to meet the May 2024 Students of the Month, 5th Grader Gabrielle Greene from Shapleigh School, and senior Hunter Hillard for R.W. Traip Academy.
Gabrielle "Gaby" Greene was presented by the 5th Grade teaching team at Shapleigh School. Gaby was complemented by her teachers for her involvement in class, her commitment to learning, and her very positive attitude. As noted in pictures, Gaby is uncomfortable with being publicly complemented, but  has a much complemented smile and sense of humor as noted in several teachers comments. She is active in band and enjoys soccer. We are sure we will hear from Gaby again as she continues her school experience.
Hunter Hillard was nominated by the Traip School administration as the Traip Academy May Student of the Month and was introduced  by Principal Jane Durgin. Hunter is a very hard working and committed student. He is noted for his interest in class, not soley for completing a course, but for his own understanding. Hunter is planning to major in health care and  currently is taking courses at Sanford, his most enjoyable being the  EMT  course.
Hunter's Mom could not be with us for the meeting due to her work schedule and Hunter's comments about his mom made all the parents in the room choke up a bit with pride. Hunter was clear that it was his mom's effort and support that he owes his success to, he recognizes and appreciates her work and sacrifice. There is no doubt he is going to do well in the next phase of his education.
Congratulations to the Students, their parents, and their teachers. It is always an honor to hear and share their stories.
Both Gaby and Hunter received a Rotary 4-Way test medallion, their names are on the plaques in their schools, and they will receive a certificate signed by both the Schools and the Rotary Club.
Both students signed a book to be donated in their names to the school library: