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Newsletter - Current May 14, 2019
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Volume 11 Date:   May 14,2019                 Issue 43  

Our Next Week's Meeting:  Club Assembly


Last Week's News: 


Guests and Happenings:  

         ~Rotarians -  None

         ~ Guests: - Blayne Matty, Sophia Santamaria, Caroline Cooperthwaite, Julia Campion,

                             Emma McGonigle, Walter Driscoll, Emma Ackerman


Club News:  Pam and Andy will soon be off to Germany for the Rotary International Convention at the beginning of June. Then there is the District RotaryFest June 22nd, a free family very friendly event - more detail at the end of this newsletter. The District does ask attendees to register so they know how many to plan for - this will be a great way to share Rotary with the family while enjoying a beautiful park on Casco Bay with food, games, and kite flying!       




      Our speakers today were the students and their chaperone that went on the Traip/Marshwood Interact Service Learning trip to Peru during spring break. In cooperation with her counterpart at Marshwood Highschool, teacher Blayne Matty led a group of Traip Interact students on a trip that gave them a whole better understanding of the land and it's people. No stranger to Rotary, Blayne was a Rotary Youth Exchange Student herself. (See more in the April 23rd newsletter).

 d  f

The group got to meet and talk with the people, to learn of the many cultures that make up the country, and to travel into the Andes Mountains to tour the ancient city of Machu Picchu and walk the Inca mountain roads. The trip included several days working on improvements at a school, helping to setup recycling areas, the library, and a classroom - but most important, talking and playing with the children and adults. They found their school-learned Spanish language skills allowed them more communication opportunities, they also found more simularities than they expected as well as cultural history and practices they had not known about.

  g  h

The video of their trip is available on the Kittery School District Website and their presentation would be valuable to anyone taking or planning on taking a foriegn language - their ability to put thier early learning to practical use was a boon and Ms. Matty indicated the trip had opened up a lot more interest in the Rotary Short Term Youth Exchange program. Sophia Santamaria is a graduate of last year's RYLA (Rotary Youth leadership Camp) program and is no stranger to how quickly a team can bond through an experience like this; but the other students had noted their expectations were that there would be clustered groups of friends on the trip, especially with the two school groups. Instead they found the shared experiences quickly made them a coherent team. It was obvious in this group, as it had been with Sophia and her fellow RYLA attendees presentation last year, - one would take a lead and then with a glance "pass the lead" to another speaker to pick up the story from there. Very impressive!

 j  k

The entire Kittery attendees                              At Machu Picchu  high in the Andes mountains


50-50 Raffle:  50% of the pot goes for club administration and 50% goes to the

               lucky individual if raffle ticket is chosen and they select the one joker hidden

               in the ever  decreasing deck of cards. If the joker is not drawn then the pot rolls

               over to the next week.

            Pauli was holding the chosen raffle ticket this morning and there is $399 in the Pot!


The 8 of Diamonds has left the deck ~ and the Joker remains          


Upcoming Programs: 

           May 21 ~ Club Assembly

           May 28 ~ Students of the Month 

           Jun    4 ~ TBA

           Jun  11 ~ TBA

           Jun  15 ~ Block Party

           Jun  18 ~ Club Assembly - Scholarship Awards

           Jun 20  ~ Blood Drive

           Jun 22 ~ Rotary Fest

           Jun 25 ~ Club Changeover

           Jul    1  ~ Start of the 2019-2020 Rotary Year          


Birthdays:  Jun 13 ~ Larry K, Jun 25 ~ Brian


Club Reminders:

                Happy/Sad Dollars on Student of the Month meetings goes to fund

                  our Third Grade Book Project

                 Happy/Sad dollars during May go toward Jumpstart.


Rotary Fest June 22 - Service project June 21st!


l  m


n o




  Nor'easter Kite Club will be at the event all day flying kites and building kites with us. Check them out at noreasterkites.org. Lots of fun and activities for all and it should be very colorful.



Do not forget to regularly check the calendar of our Web Site for long term schedules and the photo Album for updates on our Program pictures and Activity pictures.






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