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Newsletter - Current May 22, 2018
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Volume 10 Date: May 22, 2018                    Issue 44  

Our Next Week's Meeting:  5th Tuesday, no morning meeting.  We will meet for a club social at Rudder's at 5:00PM.  Along with club members, spouses, partners and friends are welcome!


Last Week's News: 


Guests and Happenings:  

         ~Rotarians -  None

         ~ Guests: - Brooke Williams, Chris Burke, Frances Burke - Shapleigh 5th Grade: Diana Westman - Teacher from Shapleigh, Melissa Plocinski, teacher Shapleigh, Katelyn Beach, ssitant Principal Shapleigh; Peter Stit, Jack Stith, Sam Stith, Claire Stith - Shapleigh 4th Grade, Kate Stith; Emily Foster, teacher Shapleigh: Caroline Campbell, Killain Campbell - Traip Sophmore, Collette Howard: John Drisko - Principal at Traip Academy.


Club News:  Pam G. will have a signup sheet next week for the Blood Drive at the Lion's Club on June 21st.  It is the club's turn to man the registration, canteen and be escorts.  Please try to give a few hours to help out.  Several of the regulars will not be around to help out in June as they will be attending the Rotary International Convention in Toronto, Canada.



Meeting:  Students of the Month Meeting - This month we had the two students from Shapleigh and one from Traip.  It was a full house!  Superintendent Eric Waddell shared the following pictures of our students with their families and teachers he took after the meeting.  Thank you, Eric.



This is Claire Stith, a 4th grader at Shapliegh with her Dad, Mom, 2 brothers and two teachers from Shapleigh that told us about Claire - Diana Westman and Melissa Plocinski.  They told us how Claire leaves nice notes for her teachers and friends and is every teachers dream.  Claire has the most amazing smile!  During our Q&A time, Claire told us about her family and that she likes to play outside with her dog when she takes a break from her tablet.



 This is Frances "Francie" Burke a 5th Grader at Shapleigh School with her Dad and Mom and Francie's teacher Emily Foster.  Another outstanding and dedicated student!  During our Q&A, Francie told us she also likes to play with her dog and is involved in playing soccer right now which she enjoys.  


This is Killian Campbell at 10th grader at Traip Academy.  Killian is shown here with Principal John Drisko, Killian's Mom and a family friend Collette Howard.  Principal Drisko told us that it was the administration's turn to pick the student of the month and he was lucky enough to intrdouce him to us.  Killian is very involved in designing things and printing them out with a 3-D printer.  During our Q&A, he showed us an instrument that he designed and printed - it really work as he played it.  He also demonstrated a hand that he designed and printed.  By pulling elastics he could make a fist with the hand or just move a couple of fingers.  Imagine what he will do during the next two years!


Once again we had an excellent sample of the students in our school system - thank you to the parents and teachers for all your hard work and support to your students!  



50-50 Raffle:  50% of the pot goes for club administration and 50% goes to the

               lucky individual if raffle ticket is chosen and they select the one joker hidden

               in the ever  decreasing deck of cards. If the joker is not drawn then the pot rolls

               over to the next week.


Samik's ticket was drawn and he tried for the $195.50 pot --

but unfortunately he pulled the 5 of hearts and not the joker -

better lucky next time Samik!


(Our nomal photographer and newsletter editor is on vacation and yours truly is not the best photographer and my helper wasn't happy with the picture he took.  Sorry Samik, no picture of you losing this morning.  Better lucky next time!)



Upcoming Programs:   May 29 ~ Fifth Tuesday Social at Rudder's at 5:00PM - No 7:30am                                                              Meeting


                  June 5 ~  New Town Planning and Development Director


                          June 9  ~ District Leadership Turnover Picnic Cape Elizabeth 

                                       June 12 ~ Meals Good-To-Go 


        June 19 ~ Meet our Scholarship Winners for 2018! 


        June 21 ~ Club Sponsored Red Cross Blood Drive


                                       June 24 - 27 RI Convention Toronto     


                                       June 26 ~ Club Changeover - Presidential "Roast"?


Birthdays:                      June 13 - Larry Knowles

Anniversarys:                None in June


Club Reminders:

                Happy/Sad Dollars on Student of the Month meetings goes to fund

                  our Third Grade Book Project

                 Happy/Sad dollars during May and June go to Rotary at Work





Do not forget to regularly check the calendar of our Web Site for long term schedules and the photo Album for updates on our Program pictures and Activity pictures.






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