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Newsletter - Current Mar 19, 2019
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Volume 11 Date:    March 19, 2019                Issue 36  

Our Next Week's Meeting:  Students of the Month


Last Week's News: 


Guests and Happenings:  

         ~Rotarians -  None

         ~ Guests: -  None


Club News:   This coming Sunday. setup starts at 3 PM, we will be out by 7 pm


        Auction, Auction Auction!

        Donations still needed! Need to get items identified and visible on the Auction website to attract bidders!



  Rotary Foundation: Contributions of any size accepted! We are hoping for as broad a Club support as possible. Whether it is funding a clean water source in India, or a park inprovement in the community, the Foundation combines the power and support of the thousands of Clubs around the world to get things done that matter. Very low administration and very close tracking and follow-up make our Foundation dollars some of the most potent vehicles for positive good in the world - and it all starts with us. Contribute on-line or provide a check to the 'Rotary Foundation" (or cash) to Club Foundation Chair Brad.


District Training Seminar April 6th at York County Community College 0800-1245: Let Marie know if you will attend, the club has budgeted funds for the registration. The ideas you find and contacts you make there can provide energy to our club going forward and open you eyes to new ways to get the most out of being a Rotarian.


Rotary Leadership Institute: April 20th at York County Community College 0800-1500: This is a 3 part Program (plus graduate sessions) taken one at a time, that provide a far more in depth look into the bigger picture of Rotary and will bring you into contacts with Rotarians from around new England. The program is given at several different areas during the year but the YCCC, 25 minutes (or less) up the road is by far the closest. The club has budgeted for two attendees this year, Marie is the contact for the YCCC program. Several of us have done all the Level I,II,III and Graduate programs and we recommend the experiance.


Rotaryfest: June 22 ~ South Portland, a free day at the park by Portland Head Light celebrating the Rotary year and sharing the day (and free food) with family and friends.


KRAH/Kittery Fire Association St. Patrick's Dinner: A good time with enough turnout to use up all the food. The Club was there  lending a hand.

             d e

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                                                                It was great to see the Waddell Clan arrive, Mom Jen                                                                      was a little under the weather and getting a break as Dad                                                                                  brought the young crew to the Firehouse



     Eric announced that three Traip Students have been selected for the 2019 Rotary Youth Leadership Camp ~ Kathleen McPherson, Addy Hale, and Jennifer McCluskey. The Kittery Rotary Club is sponsoring two of the students and the Kittery Afterhours Club is sponsoring the third.  Eric's oldest daughter, Avery, has been selected from Marshwood High School to also attend RYLA Camp as one of the students sponsored by the South Berwick-Eliot Club. President Dave shared that in 2012, as the Kittery End 68 Hours of Hunger Program was just beginning, two new 9 year-olds individually dedicated their birthdays to support of the program, Jennifer in March and Avery in August.

       h       i

                                    Community awareness starts early

 Also of note: During the KRAH St Patrick's Day Dinner KRAH President Dave Cuttle shared with Dave G that he knew the family of one of the RYLA attendees last year , and he related that the parents had thanked him profusely, their child was apparently rather shy and quiet up to that point and they related "You cannot believe the change that the experiance made in him, he is a diferrent person!" ~ We could see they were very mature and poised when they met with us last summer, but it is impressive to hear the parent's observation as well.


The Club's support for the First Parish Federated Church Turkey dinner in February resulted in a $495 donation to the club for service projects.


       President Dave discussed the Free Dinner for Seniors on Sunday. Pam will pick up the flowers on Saturday at Hillside and hold them for Sunday. Dave will be in touch with the Spaghetti Pie Chefs and deliver the kits late Thursday or Friday. Maryna is going to supply coffee. Members who can attend are encouraged to involve family and friends..



   Steve met with the auction steering committee after our regular meeting. We need to idenify donations soon to attract attendees. Marie has tickets printed ready for the sales. less than 6 weeks to go!


The club voted to designated Pam Gray as our official Voting Delegate at the Rotary  International Conference and District Governor-Elect Andy Glazier as the designated alternate. 


50-50 Raffle:  50% of the pot goes for club administration and 50% goes to the

               lucky individual if raffle ticket is chosen and they select the one joker hidden

               in the ever  decreasing deck of cards. If the joker is not drawn then the pot rolls

               over to the next week.

Larry G's raffle ticket got picked this morning as the pot rose to $305.50!    

  k   l

  Larry gives the matter great attention              But it was the 6 of clubs that left the deck! 

     and focus.          


Upcoming Programs: 

           Mar 26 ~ Students of the Month

           Apr   2~ Opiod Crises ~ Kennebunk Police Chief and Past President of

                        the Kennebunk Rotary Club, Robert McKenzie

           Apr   6 ~ District Training Seminar

           Apr   9 ~ TBA

           Apr  16 ~ Club Assembly (Count down to the Auction)

           Apr 18 ~ Club Sponsored Red Cross Blood Drive

           Apr 30 ~ 5th Tuesday Social

           May 6 ~ Spring Auction

           Jun 22 ~ Rotaryfest         

Birthdays:  Mar 22 ~ Maryna


Club Reminders:

                Happy/Sad Dollars on Student of the Month meetings goes to fund

                  our Third Grade Book Project

                 Happy/Sad dollars during March go toward Speakers Books  


Do not forget to regularly check the calendar of our Web Site for long term schedules and the photo Album for updates on our Program pictures and Activity pictures.






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