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Newsletter - Current Sep 18, 2018
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Volume 11 Date: September 18,2018                   Issue 12  

Our Next Week's Meeting:  Traip's New International Students


Last Week's News: 


Guests and Happenings:  

         ~Rotarians -  None

         ~ Guests: - Brian Gruhn, Dave Fazzina, Keith Doucet


Club News:  

       Reminder, up  until October 30th we are collecting for packages for the overseas troops as part of the ongoing Pease Greeters project:




Melanie brought a guest this morning

We welcome Keith Doucet,


               The first order of business was the Induction of Brian Gruhn and Dave Fazzina. Joining Brian at the front was sponsor Pauli (actually three had "talked Rotary" with Brian - Pauli, Linda, and Brad) and membership Chair Sue represented Dave's sponsor Pam, who is off in Canada with DGE Andy. Welcome aboard Brian and Dave!


   Pauli, Brian, President Dave, Dave, and Sue listen as

Club members read the "Welcome to Rotary"


   Membership Chair Sue talked about how she would like to structure the "Fireside Chats" and read so ideas on Membership from the Rotarian Magazine, emphasizing the need for persistance.


Foundation Chair Brad talked about the work that the Rotary Foundation is doing to improve literacy rates around the world, one of the many focus areas of Rotary and the Foundation. he talked about improving the perscentage of club members supporting the Foundation and the fact that any amount of support if needed and welcome.


The Auction committee talked to the need to start identifying auction items and auction sponsors. Now that a date is set ( May 3rd) we need to approach potential supppoters before they establish their budgets for 2019.


President Dave went over some other upcoming dates. The Club sponsored Red Cross Blood Drive is 1- 6 pm October 18. The Kittery Community Center Halloween Party is October 27th 10-1 pm, We have tenatively planned on supporting the South Berwick-Eliot Rotary Club RT 236 Clean-up on November 10th (we are waiting to hear more from them). The Kittery Holiday Parade (we serve refreshments) will be December 1, and the Free Dinner for Kittery Area Senior Citizens is March 24. Dave also reported that he had several recommendations on reinstituting a seperate Board meeting and he will discuss proposed dates with President -Elect Eric.


Steve had a couple of proposals. First, with the new hotel being built on Rt 1, we should approach the management about joining Rotary. second, he suggested that given the number of people looking for employees in town (both Deb and Desire'e have been significanetly  impacted by the need for new hires), the Club might organize and put on a job faire, perhaps charging a fee for tables. There was good support for the idea, which would need to consider venue, marketing, expenses and timing.Larry stated that he is on a board with Mari O'Neil, one of the outlet mall managers, and recommended we ask Mari to come talk to us, he will approach Mari and will work with Pauli on available dates. 


Maryna suggested we consider selling discount coupon cards as a fundraiser. Several members expressed experiance with schools doing similar programs and Desire'e mentioned some things that need to be considered when looking for sponsors for the cards. We are looking for representative samples of existing program cards


50-50 Raffle:  50% of the pot goes for club administration and 50% goes to the

               lucky individual if raffle ticket is chosen and they select the one joker hidden

               in the ever  decreasing deck of cards. If the joker is not drawn then the pot rolls

               over to the next week.

John had the winning ticket today

the pot is very small still ($29!) as 

John had to play with an "almost full" deck 


John skillfully removed the 4 of Spades

Maryna had the Joker hiding on the end of the deck        


Upcoming Programs: 

          Sep 25 ~ International Students  

          Oct   2 ~ Maine Friends of Animals

          Oct   9 ~ Camp P.O.S.T.C.A.R.D.

          Oct 16 ~ Club Assembly

          Oct  18 ~ Club Sponsored Red Cross Blood Drive

          Oct  23 ~ Students of the Month for September & October

          Oct  30 ~ 5th Tuesday Club Social


Birthdays:  John ~ Oct 6,  Brad ~ Oct 27

Anniversarys:  Deb & Lee ~ Oct 7, Melanie & Raney ~ Oct 11


Club Reminders:

                Happy/Sad Dollars on Student of the Month meetings goes to fund

                  our Third Grade Book Project

                 Happy/Sad dollars during September go toward the 3rd Grade book project  


Do not forget to regularly check the calendar of our Web Site for long term schedules and the photo Album for updates on our Program pictures and Activity pictures.






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