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Newsletter - Current Jul 7, 2020
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Volume 13 Date:July 7,2020                   Issue 1  

Our Next Week's Meeting:  TBA


Last Week's News: 


Guests and Happenings:  

         ~Rotarians -  None

         ~ Guests: - None


Club News:  


Guess who has the ball now!!

For her first action President Maryna is going to get the Club jumping!!  ;-)




 2020-2021 Club President Maryna presiding at the first meeting of the Rotary year. Maryna talked about early returns from the questionaire she sent out this week. Maryna istated that she is assuming that meeting in person is not going to happen in the forseeable future.


Mayna is also interested in making some adjustments to the traditional format to make it more welcoming and less ritualistic (editor's term) for potential new members. The 4 way test she thinks can be done by one individual in hopefully a non-traditional way each week rather than as a chant, the Invocation may be retained but at the end of the meeting, and several members questioned the inclusion routinely of the Pledge of Alligence to the flag, partly since Rotary is an inclusive multi-national organization, and partly since it does not work well in a online meeting.


 Maryna is asking that members get the questionaires filled out this week if you have not done so already. She is planning on having a Board Meeting next week as well as a regular meeting and she will reach out to the Board on time and date. maryna had prepared presentations on the incoming Rotary International President, on our new Distritc Governor - Peggy Belanger, and on the President-Elect of Rotary international.


We are looking for potential speakers for our meetings from members of the local business community, please get together with Pauli on recommendations to work out scheduling. Club Assemblies (Club business meetings) will continue to be scheduled for the 3rd week and for October through June student of the month will be scheduled on the 4th Tuesdays (school schedules may continue to impact our Student of the Month plans).


    Steve Bousquet has decided to leave the Club as of June 30th so the position of Vice-President is open, This also makes increasing membership all the more important. 


Upcoming Programs and Events:

                July 15 ~ TBD

                July 22 ~ TBD

                Aug  20 ~ Club sponsored Red Cross Blood Drive


Birthdays:  July 8 ~ Pauli, July 12 ~ Dave G, July 21 ~ Rob, July 26 ~ Marie

Anniversarys:       July 8 ~ Jen and Eric, July 28 ~ Joanne and Larry K


Club Reminders:

                Happy/Sad Dollars on Student of the Month meetings goes to fund

                  our Third Grade Book Project

                 Happy/Sad dollars during July go toward  summer school projects


Do not forget to regularly check the calendar of our Web Site for long term schedules and the photo Album for updates on our Program pictures and Activity pictures.  





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