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Foster the Moose
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Meet "Foster the Moose"! 


Our club's "Moose on the Loose" was named after Fort Foster in Kittery Point and our club "fosters" fellowship!  See all Foster's travels plus all the interesting people he meets along the way!


  m1  m2

 Our Club Moose, yet un-named is introduced       July 19-The Moose is present to join Service

 July 5, President Brad opens the first meeting      Chair Ellen in congratulating scholarship winner

 of the 2011-2012 year. We are going to have fun!   Mark McKenney

   m3  m4

 August 1 At a social for the new District Governor     August 2, Official DG Club visit, Foster takes

 our Moose meets GM (Governor Moose) and Ass't           the podium accompanied by his fellow

Governor Peggy's Moose                                                Rotarian Moose

   m4     F6

 Flanked by the Moose herd DG Gary officially          Moose'n Down the Highway - the Moose is

 addresses the Club. Service - with emphasis on       Loose, and he took President Brad with him!

 family and children, but always remember to have     Foster is spreading Goodwill while wheeling

 funI  In District 7780 this is the Year of the Moose!       down to North Carolina August 4   

      F7                      F8

   Foster is getting enlightenment                          Turning north, Foster is sad to leave the

    in Yogaville VA                                                 mountains of North Carolina, but glad to be 

                                                                        heading heading to what he hopes is a cool north


  F9          F1

"This is Un-natural" Near Natural Bridge VA, Foster     Foster volunteers at our Red Cross

 explores a nitch in "Foamhenge"                               Blood Drive August 18,2011


  m5           m6

   RI Institute ~ They are looking for Foster's         Foster checking out the Limo Bar, it might be a

  Registration package                                      good location for a Flocking! Go Pink!


  M7             m8

  Foster sulked on the Limo seat when he was   Demonstrating his great sense of honor  and

  told he was not the Guest of Honor                   hospitality Foster agreed to share his Limo with

                                                                        RI VP Noel Bajat and his wife Sis


  m8     m9

   President Brad, Foster, and Foster's          What a day to end the summer with! overlooking

  pink flamingo (from a recent "flocking")       Pepperrell Cove (Brad is frowning either from the sun

  arrive at Captain & Pattys for our Aug 30      or because Foster just kicked beer in his lap)



  m10        m11

   Hanging with the guys                                                " Grandpa!"


  m12    m13

" If you are going traveling you should use a         Foster joins Russ, Pam G, , and Marie at our

  Rotary luggage tag!"                                          October Blood Drive in Dee's memory


      m14                             m15

        Foster's ready to Meet & Greet!               Foster brings his special talent for PR to the Club!


  m16       m17

  We are going to paint that building!              Ever wonder how I got my name??


         m18                m19

  It took a lot of personal commitment            Foster arrives in Spain with Allen and Carolynn

  to show you this! But that's my namesake!     Marsh !"Some asses have all the luck"


  m20  m21  m21

 Drinks at the Hotel               Bilbao "Nice Cathedral"          Bilbao "Now that is a bunch of flowers!"

Europa Plaza del Sol


  m23   m22 S8 
  Guggenheim Museum,           San Sebastian                         San Sebastian and the Bay         

   Thousands of of Titanium                                                      of Biscay



  m25   m26   m27            

 St Jean-de-Luz France for a    Pamplona "Hey Ernie, want   Irache Monestary "Free wine-OK!"

 quick lunch                            to try running the Moose"

  m28  m29  sp6 

  Down the hatch!               Zaragoza                               Palacido la Aljaferia, 11 century Moorish

                                                                                    Palace & seat of the Spanish Inquisition

  sp7 sp8 sp9

  Barcalona Olympic Stadium       Barcalona                               Missed another meeting!

  sp10  sp11  sp12

  Alicante Castillo,Pre-Roman era    Paella "Oh ya!"                     Valencia

  sp13  sp14  sp15

  Segovia Plaza Mayor            Segovia -Al cazar Castle           Missed the meeting in Madrid too!

  sp16  SP17 sp12

  Boston, this way         Now we will do some             The Marsh's route with Foster



  P1 n1  n2  

  Overseeing the painting at the         Off to Nevada! "Go        I got treed in Sparks NV

  Memorial field Oct                          west young Moose"!

  n3  n4  n5

 "It was a pretty view from there"  Reno "The Greatest Little City in   Heading up to Virginia City

                                                   the World", or so they say.

  n6  n7  n8

 The "V" let's you          Met proprietor Brian Shoaf and he gave   Met one of his friends - "You have

 know you have arrived     a neat Virginia City pin                              have bad breath!"    

  n9  n11  n12

 No matter how many time I said  Beautiful view looking east,         "Lobstermania" you have to be

 Giddy up, he did not move          Hundreds of miles of desert        kidding (the sign says you must

                                                                                                be 21 or older, be careful Foster!

  n13  n14  n15

    Caught us!                        They let the Moose loose of         The Sierras, headed back to Reno

                                            course, anything goes out here

  n15 n16  n17

 Looking north toward Reno and     Reno has that carved letter thing     In San Rafael Park with

  Sparks                                      also (actually the University of          future young Rotarians

                                                       Nevada is located here)

  n18  n19  n20

 Visiting the Wilbur May Arboretum  He sure shot a lot of animals!         Wilbur enjoyed ranching 

   & Museum                                                                                              also

  n21 G10 g11

   Oh oh, Foster is hooked!                The Traip Green House        That crew does good work!

      Headed home!  


  MGH1  mgh2  mgh3

  Ladder work is tough!            If I can climb a ladder maybe Obie     I'm pooped!

                                             will let me join the Firefighters!

  mgh4   m30

    Almost done! Great job everyone! Glad I could  Foster supervising the dispensing of free

     help (?)                                                         cookies & cocoa at the Holiday parade


   f11       dec15c 

   Sampling the appetisers at Tulsi's during    Foster is decked out in red hat & cape

  the club's November social meeting             for our December Blood Drive


  Dec20h   Frank

  Pre-Christmas Meeting, Alan plays the    It looks like Foster is leading Frank astray, recently

  carols  Foster sings                                from Reno he now shows up at the gambling sites

                                                                  of Atlantic City   


   Jan312012a  Vegas1

 1/31/2012 Foster joins the Club "Evening Social"    Made it to the big time!

 at Robert's Maine Grill


  Vegas2   Vegas3  Vegas4

 Pam is making a realtor           Oh oh, he found the slots again.    Andy rescues our boy - the 

 out of our Moose                                                                           Moose is underage


  End1    End2    mar152012a

What is our Moose       Foster is off to volunteer at "End 68 hours         "Ready to pack!"

doing with a backpack  of Hunger in Kittery" packing backpacks

full of food?                   of food for kids who go hungry on weekends


  mar152012b                   Apr202012a

  Supervising Pauli who volunteered to be           Foster just helped PDGx2 Marie pack an AMIGOS

 a Co-Program Coordinator for "End 68 hours     bucket - food to feed Honduras village children at

 of Hunger in Kittery"                                       school to keep them attending during the lean  

                                                                     summer months


                  may32012k      may32012l 

     Helping P-E Pat prepare silent auction tables    Secretary Pam introduced him to

             f r the 9th annual Taste of Kittery             the great food vendors


               may32012m           may32012n

    Foster offered to help serve the great             Foster was a hit with the ladies at the Taste of

     samples of Indian food from Tulsi's             Kittery, here VP jared's daughter decides he is

                                                                    almost as cute as she is.  


  may142012a     may14 2012b     may14 2012c


 Foster in Florida with Club            Foster meets another friend       Foster attends a tugboat

 Secretary Pam                            who is motorcycling around       Christening in Boothbay for the  

                                                   the south                                 Marjerie Winslow


   jun162012e  jun162012f

  Foster joins President Brad at the Kittery              Foster got "Russelled" and joins Julie 

  Block Party                                                             volunteering at the information tent



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